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You inspired soo much that I hanged some of your quotes on my wall and my mom was freaked out she was like: WTF is this😂

hahahah! Cuuuuute! :P your mom must get to know my quotes yo! 

When someone says its time to stop pre-drinking and go to town
Can you help? I want to try out for my school team and I don't know if I could make it. Or how much skill the other girls have... Any tips on how to improve in 2 weeks ); or any motivating quotes? Thanks ❤️ btw your blog is perf Ilysm

Hey sorry I’m only replying now, been really busy. I hope your trials went off well.. All I would’ve told you is that if you really love football, then thats your inspiration right there. You must just work hard and not worry about the other girls skills but focus on yours. Don’t doubt yourself because thats just going to set you back so many steps…

Good luck and #StayHumble :)

Hi, where do you get your thoughts to write such messages #inspired? I joined because of you.

Awww! I’m glad I had a good influence on you because of my quotes. Most of it comes from the heart because of the passion I have for football, the rest are quotes from players or managers and requested quotes by you guys :)

Is this account still active?

Yes it is.. Sorry. Been really busy at univesity. Will do more quotes as soon as I can 

You soccer quotes inspire me so much I usually post your soccer quotes on my Instagram page

Thank you so much. I’m glad I can inspire you :) I think I follow you on instagram :)

So much for all your soccer picture quote promises, letting the fans down babyG

Sorry guys. I’ve been really busy with university life. It’s just so much more hectic in 2nd year than what it was in 1st year. When I get time, I’ll do some quotes. But right now, I’m just swamped with work and sport


Hahaha! So I take it you from SA too?

I want to play soccer and I need to get my body and mind right. Do you have any tips?

You need to have the passion to do so. You need to be motivated and ask yourself is this what you really want to do? If so, you’ll be in the right mind set and everything else should come naturally. You need to train hard and eat healthy. You need to have enough sleep each night so you can be up and motivated for the next day. It’s hard at first, but in the end, all of it will be worth it :)

Good luck and #StayHumble :)

why do you love soccer so much?

I can’t really explain it… When I step on the football pitch, I just know that this is what I was born to do

hii my name is jeeda and im a football player, i play with the national team of jordan and i wish i can go somewhere and play with professionals and gain experience. football is my life and i wouldnt live without it any advice?

Hey Jeeda. My only advice is to live that dream. You should go somewhere where you can take that talent further.. No talent should go to waste like that :) 

Good luck and #StayHumble

Got twitter ? 😁

yeah The_Real_baby_G :)

Wow, you're blog inspires me so much <3

thank you so much :)

why do you have blurred lines in your playlist

lol.. my playlist is outdated.. I haven’t had time to update it. But hopefully I will soon

Hi, I'm 15 and want to play soccer next year really bad. I've never been apart of a sport before, so I'm really behind everyone else, should I still try for the team? Will they help me get better?

Hi :) it’s awesome that you want to join soccer, one more soccer lover, YEAH!! lol! But I think it’s not too late. It’s never too late to learn anything. A team is there to help you and bring you up, not push you down when you don’t have as much skill as they do. You can still become one of the best :) Good luck and hope everything works out 

Stay Humble :)